Microsoft Points are Finally Going Away


Everybody hates Microsoft Points. They’re stupid, unnecessary, and deceptive. At long last, Microsoft has heard our cries and is doing away with them. Just not on the Xbox — yet.

The biggest issue that gamers (rightly) have with Microsoft Points is that they’re misleading: one dollar equals 80 Microsoft Points, instead of the more logical 100. The only reason to do something like this is to convince gamers that they’re paying less than they actually are. It’s like a more evil version of the $.99 price point.

The Verge reports that Microsoft has finally wised up to something the rest of us have known for years: Microsoft Points aren’t fooling anyone. They’re meaningless. Just an unnecessary headache that we gamers have come to accept. Like the IRS.

But don’t get too excited. Unfortunately, MS is ditching Microsoft Points only for the Windows App Store that comes with Windows 8. There’s no word yet on whether or not the Xbox is losing MPs, too. Which is a dreadful tragedy, because Microsoft earns a ton more money from the Xbox Live store than they will from the Windows App Store. Xbox arguably has the best, most robust library of digital content, compared to the other two consoles, and we gamers like to buy stuff from it.

I think it’s only a matter of time, though. This is probably just the first step in a company-wide initiative to switch all digital transactions to cash. They’re rolling out the change slowly, testing it on a smaller platform before flipping the switch on the big cash cow.

At least, I hope that’s the case.


  1. says

    Well if they don’t have Microsoft points, how will the transaction be made?
    Thought credit card and Paypal only? Hec they should get rid of paying for time cards as well. What they should do is just change the price so that it’s lower.

  2. Darklurkr23 says

    I hate this. I HATE THIS. I had unlimited money bia Bing Toolbar for Xbox w/ MP rewards. Now I actually have to pay money? O well time to stock up before they quit

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