October Surprise

Welcome to the fifth week, and like every fifth week, it’s a little different from your common-all-garden week. It’s a weird week when IDW’s list of releases is only slightly shorter than the respective lists of DC and Marvel.

While the election looms, we all expected an October Surprise, and that is what we received, but it was little to do with politics. At 4:12pm, EST, The Hollywood Reporter posted that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm, sending ripples throughout all of fandom. Fans immediately took sides, with views ranging from ‘I can’t wait for this’ to ‘OMG! They’re going to ruin it!’

Disney has purchased Lucasfilm. Four simple words that contain so very much. The home of Mickey Mouse and one of the greatest drivers behind US copyright law (and infamous for it’s regulated communities) has purchased Star Wars? George Lucas, whose wish to control all of Star Wars core properties was legendary, has stepped away from the helm?

Is this not one of the first signs of the Apocalypse?

Reeling from shock, just like the rest of us, I would urge a moment of caution.

Do you realise it has now been three years since Disney’s takeover of Marvel has been announced? We are still waiting for Disney’s Hero Squad, the Ultraheroes (great series by Boom if you caught it, even if I have heard that word Ultra being used before) to meet with the Avengers (traditional, Ultimate, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes or Marvel Universe versions). Heck, we haven’t even seen them in the Super-Hero Squad! (Which would actually be kind of cool.)

Remember Ultras vs. Mutants? How about Ultraheroes vs. X-Babies?

My point being, that Disney, if it has had any input at all creatively, seems to have revitalised the entire Marvel line, not mangled it beyond recognition. (Unlike what the Distinguished Competition has done to its universe.). Look at Paramount’s successful Avengers movie. Did Disney interfere in that? No, but Marvel has certainly capitalised on the movie’s success; even if a few projects appear to be a little later than one would expect, (or cancelling a really really good cartoon to replace it with another reboot).

So, will Disney come in, throwing their weight around, and possibly turn Dark Horse out on their ear? I doubt it. Dark Horse has produced a consistent level of quality with its Star Wars series for many years now. There is nothing broken to be fixed, and one thing Disney is good at recognising on a business level is those projects that are working.

So take a breath, everyone, your favorite Star Wars material is safe, for the time being at least.

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