Regenerating That Spark

Even to the die-hard fan, the Transformers universe can be confusing. Multiple continuities, multiple timelines, all equally valid for their era and each with volumes of material, whether comic or cartoon. Each with their own tone, each adjusted to the ‘new generation’ of readers, of various age ranges.

Which can make it difficult to love for an original fan. I mean, have you seen the Transformers Prime cartoon? (Although it did just release a good movie length special.)

Hailing from the days of the first Transformers comic, on licence to Marvel at the time, the recent release of Transformers Regeneration One by Simon Furman from IDW almost passed me by. Fortunately, I had an hour to kill at the local store, and armed with a fresh new purchase, was transported back to a time before any ‘updating for a new age’ took place.

Sometimes the classics are the best. The fourth issue of Furman’s return to this timeline ships today, and I highly recommend it. Even the coloring seems to reawaken memories of that simpler age.

It is hardly the only highlight of today’s pull list though. Now we see the fallout of Avengers vs X-Men, in Consequences #1, Uncanny Avengers #1 and assorted Avengers and x-related issues. Strangely enough, I am more interested in the fall out of this event that I was by the actual events resolution. At least this time, the event fatigue has set in at the correct point in time, once it has all finished!

There’s another release today that is worthy of note. The first that I am looking forward to is Steven Niles’ Transfusion #1 from IDW, set in a world where machines require blood to survive. The landscape is abound with monsters, and a pitifully small amount of humans fight for their survival. With art by Menton3, it promises to be deeply atmospheric, with a style reminiscent of the great Zombies vs Robots and great use of swirling greys that gives an impression of a combination of oils and charcoal. We know that with Niles penning the script, we are in for an incredible ride.

So, let’s see if Marvel NOW is as invigorating as the DCnU seems to have been for DC’s sales figures. And after a month of zero issues, I have to admit; the DCnU is growing on me. Although not shipping today, check out Dial H for Hero; a corny concept that has been given new life.

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