When Disney Princesses Go Designer

Designer Disney Princess Gowns

There seems to be a prevailing notion that nerds could not care less about how they look physically. They don’t pay attention to their physical appearance, and they couldn’t care less if they wore clothes that are branded or from the secondhand store.

Whether or not those statements are accurate, here’s something that will catch your eye: Disney princesses in designer clothes.

It’s a tad too fancy for my taste, but it’s not everyday that we get to see designer Disney princess gowns! If anything, if you have a special event to go to, you might have some need of ideas. I could be wrong, but these designer Disney princess gowns just might do the trick.

The designer Disney princess gowns are going to be displayed by Harrods come the first of November. If you’re in the fashion know, then the designers involved will probably impress you. How does Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Versace, Marchesa, and Elie Saab sound? (I recognise two at the most!)

First up, we have one of my favorite Disney princesses, Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Designer Disney Princess Gowns


This is designed by Marchesa, who describes it as a “chic and elegant deep blue silk evening gown”. I have a feeling Ariel would not want to wear it, though.

Belle, from The Beauty and the Beast, is more striking.

Designer Disney Princess Gowns


Designed by Valentino, this gown is silk chiffon.

Mulan stays true to her cultural roots somehow, and ends up looking really gorgeous.

Designer Disney Princess Gowns


Of the collection, though, I think Pocahontas manages to stand out the most.

Designer Disney Princess Gowns


See what I mean?

For more of these gowns, take a look at the collection at DesignTaxi.

So, our female readers, would you wear these designer Disney princess gowns?


  1. Shannon says

    They already made Disney princess dolls in designer dresses the sell for about 3-4000 dollars for the set 1 specific doll sells for around 1300 alone they also did a designer villains set this year featuring everyone’s favorite female villains but theyre well worth the money in my opinion

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