Barbie Make Over: Make Her a Weeping Angel!

Barbie Weeping Angel

Who’s up-to-date with Doctor Who? I am, unfortunately, very behind on the series, but I am not fretting about it because I know that when I start watching, I will not be able to stop at one episode. On the fortunate side, I haven’t been exposed to spoilers, so it’s all good.

I am probably not alone in this, but when it comes to Doctor Who, the villains make up the experience just as much as the Doctor and his companions. And, when talking about villains, the Weeping Angels are the freakiest in my book. (I think many of you will agree with that.)

That being said, how can the Weeping Angels be made even freakier? How about a Barbie Weeping Angel?

I’ve never been a fan of Barbie, so the thought of giving her a make over actually sounds fun. I probably won’t do it myself, but if you have the DIY skills and you want your own Barbie Weeping Angel, Sarah Franz-Wichlacz can teach you how to make one yourself.

Sarah shares her passion for Doctor Who and says that she has been following the series since the 4th Doctor. She also has successfully recruited her husband into the fold, which led to a home decoration project: a bathroom filled with the scariest of Doctor Who characters!

Cool idea in theory, but I have to admit I’m too jumpy to have even the tiniest room like that in the house. As awesome as I think Sarah’s project is, I would probably be unable to go to the bathroom without fidgeting. Forget a nice relaxing shower.

In any case, one of the first items Sarah created for her bathroom is the Barbie Weeping Angel. Obviously, she needed something like this…

Barbie Weeping Angel

Barbie Weeping Angel Start

Sarah says she had to cut Barbie’s arms and glue them back together to assume the “eye covered” position. For the wings, Sarah used craft foam.

Barbie Weeping Angel

Barbie Weeping Angel Wings

With a little gluing here and there, we see Barbie’s makeover coming along.

Barbie Weeping Angel

Barbie Weeping Angel with Wings

Of course, we all know that the Weeping Angels had a somewhat different look. With the use of textured paint, this Barbie Weeping Angel looks more familiar.

Barbie Weeping Angel

Barbie Weeping Angel Textured

And here she is in the position of horror…err honour…or whatever you want to call it.

Barbie Weeping Angel

For more photos and instructions, visit wich-crafting.


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