Ben Heine’s Pencil Art Replaces Reality

Hello Panda

Well, not exactly, but Ben Heine’s pencil art is a sight for sore eyes. The Ivory Coast-born Belgian artist has a formidable talent. Given a pencil, he draws sketches that he superimposes on other scenes.

He actually calls this branch of his work “Pencil Vs. Camera” and is a wonderful blend of drawing and photography. He started with this kind of work back in 2010 and has since then published many pieces that have caught the eyes of fans around the world.

To give a short background on pencil art as Ben Heine does it:

It’s full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism. Ben published his first “Pencil Vs Camera” image in April 2010 but the series is the result of a long graphic exploration and a logic consequence of his personal artistic development. Ben usually integrates an inventive hand made drawing in front of a realistic background. There are several methods to achieve the same effect. Ben’s hand is always clearly visible; it represents the close connection between the viewer, the artist and the artwork. The drawing is either in black and white on white paper or in color on black paper, while the photo is often very colorful, this amplifies the contrast between the two mediums.

I’m no expert in art, so I don’t know much about those methods and styles, but I think that anyone can appreciate good work when it’s staring you in the face. Here are some choice pieces of Ben’s pencil art.

To see more, check out Ben’s Flickr page.

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