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It was only a matter of time. “Disney Princess” and “Princess Leia” just seems like a no-brainer of a mashup, doesn’t it? Take a look at how artists, fans, and others are imagining Lucas’ princess integrating with Disney’s.

In case you’re unaware, “Disney Princesses” are a very big deal. Disney Stores these days look like a group of princesses threw up all over them. There’s even a whole new “land” at Disney World devoted entirely to the Princesses.

So what happens when Princess Leia is inducted into this very exclusive club thanks to Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm? This.

I don’t think there’s any better way to start off than with this priceless video, in which Disney’s group teaches Leia how to be a princess, Disney style. The whole thing is sung like a stereotypically Broadway-ish Disney song, but it’s actually a pretty catchy ditty.

If Princess Leia is going to join the Disney roster, she’s going to need herself a memorable logo. This is a good start, though she’ll need to lose the melodramatic tear.

disneyleia logo Disney Princess Leia

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Here’s a full view of that awesome image from the front page. It’s perfect.

disneyleia princess 930x1163 Disney Princess Leia

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That Leia seemed happy about the buyout, but this one seems less than enthused at the effect it’s had on her signature buns.

disneyleia mickeyearhairbuns Disney Princess Leia

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So here’s a question. If Leia were a Disney Princess, would that make Han her Prince? This artist imagines what that pairing would look like.

disneyleia princehan 470x783 Disney Princess Leia

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Here’s another if/then scenario. If she’s a Disney Princess, then what would a Disney Princess-turned-slave in Jabba’s Palace look like? Pretty much this. (Is it just me, or is this somehow dirtier than plain old Slave Leia?)

disneyleia slaveprincess Disney Princess Leia

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But what if Princess Leia stepped over into Disney films on the big screen? You might get this adorable take-off on Up.

disneyleia up 930x735 Disney Princess Leia

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Popular artist James Hance, who painted that Up one, also just yesterday finished this cute mashup of Princess Leia and Penny from The Rescuers.

disneyleia pennyrescuers 470x626 Disney Princess Leia

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This crossover appeal goes both ways, though. Instead of Leia entering Disney’s cinematic world, what if Disney Princesses came over to play in that galaxy far, far away? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, for example, would have played out very differently. (This one has been around for years, long predating the Disney/Lucas announcement, but it’s too good not to include.)

disneyleia snowwhite Disney Princess Leia

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And as if you didn’t see this coming…

disneyleia rapunzel Disney Princess Leia

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Speaking of Rapunzel, those locks of hers could be useful in more ways than one.

disneyleia jabba Disney Princess Leia

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But wait. There is one other princess in Lucas’ scifi saga: Leia’s mom. To finish things out, take a look at Disney’s Princess Padme.

disneyleia princesspadme 470x630 Disney Princess Leia

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    1. There’s another great Disney Princess Leia video written as a deleted song from Star Wars: Episode V after Han kisses Leia for the first time! Part of Han’s World, to the tune of you-know-what from the Little Mermaid!

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