How to Drink Coffee Like a Boss

It’s really called “Important People Drinking Coffee“, but with personalities such as Jesus and George Washington, “boss” is such an appropriate term, don’t you think?

Artist Steven Weinberg dabbled with watercolors and portrayed important people drinking coffee, and you’ve got to hand it to him – they may not be as dignified as some may want to be, but the paintings sure provide entertainment.

 How to Drink Coffee Like a Boss

George Washington

The Last Supper reconstructed ala how to drink coffee like a boss.

 How to Drink Coffee Like a Boss


I particularly like his drawing of Yuri Gagarin.

 How to Drink Coffee Like a Boss

Yuri Gagarin

But, just because I say the artwork is all about how to drink coffee like a boss, it does not mean the subjects are limited to humans. Weinberg also took some non-humans and had some fun with them. With coffee thrown in somewhere, of course.

 How to Drink Coffee Like a Boss

Cookie Monster

This might be my favorite of the set, if only because I have always adored Cookie Monster. I could just hear him mumbling and growling (to a tune) amidst all those pieces of biscotti.

And, for all dog lovers out there. We all know who the boss is at home, don’t we?

 How to Drink Coffee Like a Boss

Your Dog

There is more where that came from, with the likes of Machiavelli, Moses, Frosty the Snowman, and Atlas, who never gets a coffee break, the poor guy.

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