It’s No Biggie: Animated GIFs Say Don’t Sweat It

Artist Thoka Maer has found a way to have fun with animated GIFs and make a statement as well. No, it’s not about cats, but you sure do get a lot of LOLs out of her work.

The artist is actually Lisette Berndt, a freelance illustrator and animator from Berlin. She is a student of visual communications, and if her work is anything to go by, she has learned a lot from her studies.

Her collection of GIFs is dubbed It’s No Biggie. The animations are simple enough, but I think their brilliance lies in the fact that they showcase things we can experience on any given day. Things that can get our goat but actually fall into the bucket “small stuff”.

Today, if you encounter any of these experiences – or any similar “small stuff” – you might want to take a look at It’s No Biggie. As they say, don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead, find the fun in it!

Trying to keep your desk organized is not as easy as it seems

It's No Biggie

We’ve all had automatic doors do this to us. Maybe on purpose?

It's No Biggie

Don’t you hate it when people read over your shoulders?

It's No Biggie
Another perspective: isn’t it irritating when people look at you when you’re trying to read the paper they’re reading?

A good reason to wear shorts under your short dress/skirt.

It's No Biggie

Why people get suckered into buying those high-tech umbrellas. And it still happens.

It's No Biggie

Indeed, when you view these GIFs, it’s easier to think it’s no biggie.

Check out the rest of these animated GIFs at It’s No Biggie.

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