Meet the Samurai X-Men

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Have you ever imagined what the X-Men would look like if they were samurai warriors? Maybe not, but there is merit in doing so. And, if you like the X-Men and think that the ancient samurais kicked ass, then the Samurai X-Men art set by deviantART user genesischant will delight you.

He describes himself as a “strange fellow” (to be sure), but this is definitely one of those cases where strangeness is to be celebrated. He seems to have a penchant for samurai warriors, which is quite understandable. He has already made some waves creating a mashup of The Avengers and samurais, but for X-Men fans, this new set will make your week.

Samurai X-Men Core Team

X Men Samurai 930x338 Meet the Samurai X Men
Samurai X-Men Core Team

Now this would make a great wall hanging, wouldn’t it?

Professor X and Magneto
This couple has a classic love turned strong enmity story behind them, and while that may not be obvious just by looking at the artwork, the details about each personality that are shown are nothing short of brilliant!

Professor X 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men
Professor X
Magneto 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men

The Gals

With absolutely no intentions of being sexist, I think the artwork of these three girls are the best of the lot.

Mystique 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men
Rogue 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men
Storm 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men

The Boys

We need some more testosterone, so here’s the fix.

Beast 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men
Sabretooth 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men
Wolverine 470x658 Meet the Samurai X Men

Not satisfied with these? Want more of the samurai and X-Men mashup? Head on over to genesischant’s gallery, and remember to wipe the drool off.



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