Telltale’s The Walking Dead Ends Next Week


The season finale of The Walking Dead is about to drop. No, not the TV show — Telltale’s incredible video game.

“No Time Left” sends Lee Everett to his darkest hour yet, which may be hard to believe after all of the psychological and emotional turmoil and death he’s witnessed since the start of the Walker outbreak. In this fifth and final episode of the game’s first “season,” Lee’s journey brings him to Savannah, Georgia, where he’s forced to put everything on the line to save his young companion, Clementine. Will he succeed?

The final episode of The Walking Dead will be available on all major platforms, including television consoles, PC, Mac, and iOS devices, starting next week. PlayStation Network gets it first, on Tuesday, November 20th, followed by Xbox Live, Steam, and iOS on November 21st.

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