This Eye of Sauron Cake May or May Not Be Wedding-Appropriate

Geeky Cakes

What happens when a geek proposes to the love of his life? You get an Indiana Jones engagement ring, handmade no less. (Of course, the nature of the ring will vary depending on the preferred story/character of the parties involved.)

And when the geeky couple decides to take the leap and get married. What happens then? You’ll have Star Wars-themed wedding parties. Or you’ll have an Eye of Sauron cake.

Geeky Cakes

Eye of Sauron Cake

There is no doubt that this cake is astounding in itself, and I would have no qualms about ordering one for any other party. For a wedding, though, it may not be for everyone.

Still, taking a look at that impressive edible tower, one can’t help but wish for a piece of that cake!

Geeky Cakes

Eye of Sauron Wedding Cake

Credits for the Eye of Sauron cake go to Jason Reaves, the pastry chef at Market Salamander. They offer catering services, custom cakes (obviously), and gourmet food. If you live in the vicinity of Middleburg, Virginia, you’re in luck because that’s where they’re based. Else, you have to find someone just as creative and skilled in making custom cakes to come up with something that will stand a chance with the Eye of Sauron cake.

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