This Playable Tetris-O-Lantern Makes Halloween Less Scary

playable tetris-o-lantern

The spookiest day of the year is over now, but did you know that in some parts of the world, November 1 is traditionally spent at the cemetery visiting the dead? I used to go to visit my grandfather’s tomb, but it was way too hot and crowded for a child to spend even an hour there. Today, from what I hear, globalization has encroached on tradition, with big sunbrellas and fastfood stands such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut proliferating the cemetery grounds.

In any case, while Halloween is over, I think it is not out of order to look at one more unique pumpkin carving. I have to say, though, that like The Fantastic Four’s The Thing, this playable tetris-o-lantern is not your usual jack-o’-lantern. Not at all.

Instead of spooking trick or treaters out, the playable tetris-o-lantern actually entices every one – from age 2 to 92 – to come over and give it a go.

playable tetris-o-lantern

Playable Tetris-O-Lantern

That does not look the least bit scary, does it?

So how does this thing work? As you can probably already imagine, there is some circuitry inside. It’s not magic, but more electronics ingenuity.

Playable Tetris-O-Lantern

Playable Tetris-O-Lantern Circuit

That’s how the inside looks like, with LEDs and wires and all that. And, for it to live up to its name – Playable Tetris-O-Lantern – there has to be something to control the “pieces”. To stay true to the pumpkin theme, this Playable Tetris-O-Lantern does has a

Playable Tetris-O-Lantern

Playable Tetris-O-Lantern Joystick

In case you’re thinking that it looks good but are skeptical as to whether it works for real or not, here is a video for proof.

Can you top the Playable Tetris-O-Lantern?

Via Gizmag

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