Even Nostalgia Gets a Revamp!

Masks #1 000a

And what a coincidence, just in time for Christmas. One has to wonder if comics will ever get over its love affair with the Thirties, or if indeed it should. It was the Thirties after all that gave birth to the longest surviving comics company, along with a host of other well-established characters that we know and love today.

This week sees the third JSA – Liberty Files mini-series, entitled the Whispering Skull. Confusion abounds as to whether this series is in its own continuity or part of the new Earth Two history, (although ComicVine seems to think it is part of the DCnU) but seeing the reception the previous two series garnered, I’m really not sure that it matters. The pages that have been released already have a wonderful pulp-y feel to them, and although this is a hangover from the DC Elseworlds, the alternate character designs have a fresh feel to them.

Well, as fresh as a story set in WWII can be.

Continuing the theme, I urge you to pick up Masks from Dynamite. Liberty is indeed an issue here as a criminal cartel takes over the legislature of New York, and the various heroes are forced to become outlaws to defeat the system. Barring the movies and the odd issues here and there, and despite my love of Dynamite’s relaunches, these are not characters that I am too familiar with. Yet if their incarnations are as vibrant as Chris Roberson writes them, I can see many a happy hour rooting through the back issue bins. Again.

If you are looking for that Christmas spirit, it’s worth dipping your toes in the Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Special, with a traditional Festive tale of an evil storytelling Santa. Traditional in the terms of every teen horror flick and the classic old ‘Unexpected’ style tales, it is a fun romp that is chewing gum for the mind, but in a good way.

Of course, for a week where the world is supposed to end, there seems to be a shortage of post-apocalyptic stories on the stands. However if you need a quick dose before Nibiru crashes into the planet or whatever, then I recommend Number 13 from Dark Horse, a tale of a juvenile weapon of mass destruction who has made a friend but may want to destroy what little is left of humanity.

A sure antidote to too much festive cheer!

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