Guess What? We’re On Instagram!

geekforever on Instagram

geekforever on Instagram

ForeverGeek Instagram

We’ve finally given in to the Instagram craze. With all the fun and geeky things we see all around us, we figured that we might as well take snapshots when we can, and share them with you guys.

Then there’s the bragging rights factor, I guess. Since all our writers have access to the ForeverGeek Instagram account, we can take photos of our favorite things at home and show off share them.

ForeverGeek Instagram Sneak Peek

Our account is still a newborn babe, but we’re slowly getting in the habit of taking the smartphone out to use Instagram specifically for things we think you might like. I think Game of Thrones-related snapshots will often be seen, such as this one from the calendar on my wall.

ForeverGeek Instagram

The Others

And this is what some of the crew read when not writing or doing something else more productive. ;)

ForeverGeek Instagram

Marvel Encyclopedia

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We’d love for you to follow us on Instagram, so hit this link (geekforever) if you want a visual stream of geeky delight!

Also, we’re looking for interesting people to follow, so why don’t you drop us a line in the comments below? Leave your Instagram web profile, and we’ll take a look.

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