Geeking Out With Gingerbread

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Gingerbread is good any time of the year, but it has been associated with Christmas for as long as we can remember. There’s something endearing about the good old gingerbread man, but when it comes to the point, it can only get better with geeky gingerbread men.

There is no lack of geeky gingerbread creations online, but here are some more that are sure to make you salivate. Whether because it’s the thought of biting into a gingerbread cookie/cake or because of the geek factor oozing from these creations, I wouldn’t really know.

Geeky Gingerbread Men

These geeky gingerbread men are adorable. Too adorable to eat.

Geeky Gingerbread Men
Cyclops and Gambit

Geeky Gingerbread Men
Kirk and Spock

Geeky Gingerbread Men
Iron Man

These guys are not exactly men, but let’s throw them in with the geeky gingerbread men, shall we?
Geeky Gingerbread Men

Because We Like Games

Geeky gingerbread
Pac Man

Geeky gingerbread
Super Mario

I Believe I Can Fly

Gingerbread ships

Gingerbread Ships
Millennium Falcon

If you’re making your own gingerbread creations this season, you might want to share your work with the rest of the world and get some geek cred while you’re at it. The Geeky Gingerbread Challenge has been laid down. Why not take it up?
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