High-Res Screengrabs from ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Teaser


Next Summer, J.J. Abrams is going to make your head explode with Star Trek Into Darkness. The first teaser trailer is loaded with epic eye candy, and we’ve got screengrabs of every clip.

If you haven’t seen this “announcement trailer” yet (it’s considered a small preview before the actual teaser trailer, which will be attached to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey), then please go watch it now over at iTunes Trailers, because everything you’ll see below could be considered spoilers for the trailer — not to mention the movie. That’s right, kids: potential spoilers ahead.

Personally, I’m excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) as the yet-unnamed villain. Paramount’s official info describes his character as a “one man weapon of mass destruction,” and this trailer is all about selling that to viewers. Cumberbatch himself does the trailer’s voiceover, but it’s unclear if these are lines he recorded just for the trailer, or if they were lifted from the film.

Who do you think he’s playing? Is he a new villain? Or someone we’ve seen before? Khan? Gary Mitchell? Someone else?

Oh, and here’s something interesting: this trailer was released in all major languages, internationally, and was exactly the same for all of them. Except one. The Japanese version includes about ten seconds of additional footage at the very end of the trailer. I’ve stuck a pair of stills from this footage in as well, and have labeled them as such.

Enjoy the stills, and click on any of them to enlarge.

San Francisco of the future

This looks like some kind of ceremony at what’s probably Starfleet Command. It’s hard to say who’s at the podium.

These aircraft are flying in the “missing man” formation. This is one of several hints in the trailer that the film may include a major character death.

Captain Kirk has an earnest conversation with someone else. (Looks like Bones to me.)

The view from above of an unknown alien world covered in red vegetation.

Kirk and Bones run through the aforementioned red plants.

Running out of ground, Kirk and Bones have to make a jump for it to the rocky coastline below. What do you suppose they’re running from?

Actress Alice Eve joins the cast in this second film, and while it’s unknown what character she plays, the trailer makes it look as though she’s Kirk’s love interest. Could she be Yeoman Rand? Kirk’s lover Carol Marcus? Or someone else?

Kirk gazes up at Alice Eve’s character. Is this their first meeting?

A major action scene plays out against this giant yellow glowy thing, which is apparently several stories high. That’s probably Cumberbatch’s villain jumping in, in front of it (based on later screens). If you look closely, you can see this figure is firing a weapon as he falls. The person he’s firing at is at the far left bottom.

And he continues falling, zooming into the foreground.

That falling dude (again, probably the main villain) carries a crazy big gun. Not only does it shoot, it makes for a brutal melee weapon, too.

Obviously Kirk and Uhura are taking in some kind of astonishing sight here. Could that also be a look of recognition on Kirk’s face?

And finally, we get our first proper look at Benedict Cumberbatch’s character. Based on the black hood on his outfit, I believe he was the one falling (or jumping?) through the air in the previous shots.

And here is Benedict Cumberbatch’s big wavy hair. Get a good look, you’ll be seeing a lot of it. Also, those ridges on his collar are reminiscent of the brown ridged collar worn by Khan in Star Trek II. Coincidence?

Not exactly sure what’s happening here. That’s Spock in an environmental suit, and the motion in the video makes it look like he’s falling or flying through some kind of maelstrom of destruction.

A wild, fiery environment. If you look at the higher-res image, the tiny figure in the center appears to be wearing one of those gold-colored hazard suits like Kirk and Sulu wore when they skydived in the first movie.

Uhura looks pretty intimidated by whatever she’s staring at.

Spock in action.

WHOA!! Is that…? Rising out of an ocean?!? It’s clearly a Federation starship, since you can make out the nacelles and “NCC” printed on the side. But is it the Enterprise? All I can say is WOW.

From water to fire. Whoever’s in that gold suit is in serious trouble, because that enormous mountain of fire looks like it’s rolling in his or her direction, in the trailer.

A Federation starship (probably the Enterprise) is under an attack that’s causing problems with the artificial gravity.

I’m pretty sure that’s Kirk on the right, but I can’t tell who the other two are.

Benedict Cumberbatch knows kung-fu.

It wouldn’t be a Star Trek movie without explosions inside the Enterprise.

Kirk doing what he does best: laying the smackdown on the bad guy.

The follow-through on that big punch of Kirk’s from the previous still.

Sulu is very troubled by… something.

Spock runs through what’s probably the streets of San Francisco.

It’s not clear if this is more of Spock running, and then jumping through glass because he doesn’t have time for doors. Or, if it’s someone else diving through a big glass wall.

Alice Eve’s character is about to let out a great big scream.

Another interior starship explosion. Somebody just got bigtime dead.

A distraught Uhura gets a little comfort from Scotty. Look closely and you can see that Scotty has tears of his own rolling down his cheeks. Methinks somebody they care about just bit the big one.

Kirk reaches for someone while climbing. (Side note: We see every major crew member in the trailer except Chekov. J.J., where’s the Chekov love?)

Cumberbatch’s character is up to some very bad things. Like punching.

Captain Kirk can’t quite believe his eyes.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier: the bad guy is now wearing a Starfleet uniform (see the delta symbol on his shirt?), and if I’m not mistaken, sitting in a captain’s chair. Could this be what Kirk was looking at in the last clip? Surely he’s not sitting in Kirk’s chair?

Citizens of a city on Earth are fearful of something big happening on the horizon, but too curious to look away.

Now they see it, and most of them instantly start running for their lives.

What is it? What’s coming?

This is it. The money shot. The “holy moley I can’t believe they’re doing that” moment. It looks like the Enterprise is crashing into an ocean or river on Earth. San Francisco Bay, maybe? Regardless… HOLY CRAP BALLS.

The crash continues, stirring up more water. Could that clip in the first half of the trailer where the Enterprise rose out of the water take place after this crash?

Here’s the first of the two clips exclusive to the Japanese trailer. The voiceover for this part has Cumberbatch asking Kirk what he would do to save his family.

And here we have the moment (from the Japanese trailer only) that fans are going to be buzzing about more than any other. Two hands meet on either side of a sheet of glass. Look familiar? It should: it’s a recreation of that famous shot from Spock’s death scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. That’s got to be Spock’s hand on the other side of the glass — he’s doing the Vulcan salute — and we’re probably meant to think Kirk’s hand is on this side. But this is J.J. Abrams we’re talking about, here. Misdirection is his trade. I’m reserving judgment on this one, and if you’re smart, you will too.

The trailer ends with a look at the cool title treatment.


  1. Corfy says

    If Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell, then it is very possible that Alice Eve is actually playing Elizabeth Dehner (both characters featured in the original series episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before”).

  2. Flounder says

    The Ship crashing into the water is NOT the Enterprise. The Nacelles are too far apart to be the Enterprise. It’s some other ship.

  3. BDubs says

    That’s Not the Big E crashing into the bay. Look at the nacelles and connecting pylons: totally wrong for it to be the Enterprise.


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