Kara The Animation to Air in 2013

Nowadays, when you mention Kpop, most people will think of Psy and his crazy popular “Gangnam Style” video. Psy isn’t the only popular Kpop artist though, for several years Kara has enjoyed a good deal of popularity in South Korea and Japan. They are a girl band that debuted in 2007 and consist of the members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Nicole Jung, and Kang Jiyoung. Kara rose to fame with their hit single “Mister” in 2009, which featured a butt dance that proved hugely popular. Since then, they have enjoyed plenty of time in the limelight releasing songs in both Korean and Japanese.

With the rising popularity of Kpop around the world and a growing trend of producing “idol” anime such as Idolmaster and AKB0048, it only seems logical for an idol anime about a Kpop group to eventually air. Given Kara’s popularity in Japan, they were an obvious choice to get an anime. They have ranked first in several Oricon charts, which is the undisputed source for music rankings in Japan.

So what exactly will this series be about? While Idolmaster and AKB0048 received full seasons and were able to go into more detailed plots, Kara The Animation will unfortunately be limited to 5 episodes. Each episode will focus on a member of the group and what it would be like if they had gone into a career other than music. The anime will be released in both South Korea and Japan, and the characters will be voiced by their real-life counterparts. I doubt the series will be a big hit, but I’m sure fans of Kara will enjoy it.

Via Anime News Network

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