Tempo: A 14-Minute Scifi Short You Have to See


A year ago, I showed you an awesome short film directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Seth Worley, called Plot Device. Worley’s back with a new short called Tempo, and you’ve got to watch it.

Seth Worley makes films that showcase new visual effects software from developer Red Giant. That’s what Plot Device did, and it appears to be what most of his projects are intended to do. But it just so happens that Worley has a terrific eye for cinema and geeky storytelling, and I just love his imagination. You get the feeling from watching his films that you’re witnessing the birth of an exciting new talent who understands “on-screen cool” the way J.J. Abrams does.

His latest, Tempo, is about a pair of scientists who find themselves caught up in a fight for their lives when their new invention catches the attention of a weapons manufacturer. The invention in question is a breakthrough device that can adjust the speed of any object. Like fast-forward or slow-motion on your TV, the device can drastically slow down or speed up pretty much anything. But it has nasty side effects when used on living things.

And that’s all I’m going to tell you. Just watch the video above for some geeky, heart-pounding fun.

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