The Pi Cake Pan For a Geeky Christmas

Pi Cake Pan

Pi Cake Pan

Who likes to bake to melt away the stresses of daily life? I love to eat baked goodies, but I have never really tried baking myself. If, however, you and the oven have a good relationship, and you want your Christmas to have a geeky touch, then the Pi Cake Pan is the only thing you need to complete the holidays. Alternatively, you can give it to your friend/s who love making cakes.

The Pi Cake Pan is from the collection of Perpetual Kid. Its tagline is “entertain your inner child”, although I think that age has nothing to do with this particular pan.

The Pi Cake Pan is not only for cakes, by the way. If you want to make a uniquely-shaped ice “block”, you can use this pan. There is an alternative to this, by the way, if you want Pi ice cubes. If gelatin is your favorite dessert, the pan will do the job as well.

The pan is made of silicone and has a diameter of 9 inches and is 2 inches tall. That’s not too big of a cake, to be sure, but you can always make more than one cake.

And if your family leans toward the traditional side for Christmas celebrations, you can always keep the pan for March 14, 2013. I don’t need to tell you what day that is, right?



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