The TARDIS/DeLorean Mashup We’ve Always Wanted


Are Doctor Who‘s TARDIS and Back to the Future‘s DeLorean the two most iconic time machines ever? This clever mashup — starring the Doctor and his friends as Marty McFly’s peeps — goes a long way toward cementing both.

What if the TARDIS and Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine were one and the same? And what if the cast of Doctor Who starred in Back to the Future? A strong contender for mashup of the year (and on the very last day of the year, no less!) is this clever animated short called Blink to the Future. It’s not so much a short film, structured more like a commercial for a new Saturday morning cartoon. Rory Williams is Marty, Amy Pond is his girlfriend Jennifer, the Doctor is Doc Brown, and River Song is Clara Clayton (Doc Brown’s love interest in the third movie).

Even though it’s framed around the storyline of the Michael J. Fox movies, I really think it’s made for Doctor Who fans. Because it’s crammed full of inside jokes and references that only Whovians will appreciate. Watch for cameos of River Song’s hallucinogenic lipstick, K-9, an Adipose, and much more.

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