This TARDIS Bookshelf Will Take You Places

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Did you receive what you wanted for Christmas? Not to sow dissatisfaction among you, but I have a feeling that many gifts would pale in comparison to this handmade TARDIS bookshelf. Whovians who love to read (believe it or not, those two may actually be mutually exclusive) would definitely want to have their own time machine bookshelf.

TARDIS Bookshelf

TARDIS Bookshelf

Tumblr user bowtiesandginghamshirts is the proud owner of this beauty. He had it made, not as a Christmas present for himself, but to mark his 18th year on this earth. For any Time Lord wannabe, I think that there is no better gift to give one’s self on this landmark birthday.
TARDIS Bookshelf

TARDIS Bookshelf Sign

The TARDIS bookshelf is bigger inside, and to add to the whole experience, it is wired up so that the user will be treated to a light and sound show when the doors are opened.
TARDIS Bookshelf

TARDIS Bookshelf Wiring

At the risk of exposing my Doctor Who knowledge gap, I do not know how a TARDIS comes into existence, but if you are handy in the workshop, you can create your own bookshelf that looks just like the iconic police box. You start with this diagram – maybe a bit on the crude side, but experienced DIY-ers ought to be able to figure it out.

TARDIS Bookshelf

TARDIS Bookshelf Diagram


This TARDIS may not literally take you through time, but with the right books inside, you will certainly be taken to the farthest reaches of the earth – and beyond.

For more information, photos, and instructions, click here.

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