Watch a Life-Sized LEGO Bag End Be Built


Ever wondered how LEGO makes those gigantic, life-sized models, like the ones you see at Comic-Con and FAO Schwartz? LEGO sent us a video of their special team building a replica of The Hobbit‘s Bag End so you can find out.

In just seven minutes, you can see a team of LEGO builders, working out of a warehouse, piece together a life-sized reproduction of the LEGO The Hobbit “Bag End” construction set. As a major LEGO fanatic, this is like staring into the looking glass. You’ll learn about the glue LEGO’s employees use to hold together thousands upon thousands of LEGO bricks. You can watch as they model the entire thing digitally, in the computer, so that they know where every last brick will go. They even build several life-sized Minifigures from the movie, including Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin.

The finished construction is eighteen feet long, six and a half feet tall, and six feet wide. A little small for humans, but remember: it’s Hobbit-sized. Even though it’s just the front façade, everything works as it would in real life. The round door swings open and shut. The lantern beside the door lights up. There’s even smoke coming out of the chimney!

Special thanks to our good friends at LEGO for sending this video our way.

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