Breathing Life Into The Franchise Medley

Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters

With IDW pushing Mars Attacks into a number of licence crossovers that while not yet reaching the substantial quantity of the Aliens/Predator record; is at least a healthy challenger. Put them on the same chart, and Mars Attacks would at least be noticed.

I imagine Batman team-ups easily equal if not outnumber the many Aliens/Predator crossovers over the years, but I would assume the margin is slim. Remember, it was the Alien Xenomorphs that finished off the first (or so) incarnation of Stormwatch, and the Predator that rampaged through the Comics Greatest World before it came to an untimely close.

Speaking of which, just like Ghost (which this writer highly recommends), the Man From The Vortex could easily be reintroduced; and with his back-story, be reintroduced anywhere, in any universe.

IDW have demonstrated just what it takes to breathe life back into a licence that had been inactive for quite some time (although that being a franchise that includes a pretty cool movie doesn’t harm). The Mars Attacks crossovers have varied in tone, with a curious role reversal in that the Mars Attacks The Transformers was played purely for the comedy, but Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters was far more of a sci-fi geek’s dream, with homages not only to the original War Of The Worlds, but to a classic sci-fi B-Movie from way back in 1953, the Invaders From Mars. (A must-see if it is missing from your library, though I can’t speak for the 1986 remake that I just discovered!)

It’s a shame that none of the one-issue specials are as fun or as intricate as Mars Attacks the Image Universe/Mars Attacks the Savage Dragon, but the old Topps title takes some beating, and at least in the stand-alone Mars Attacks, IDW is doing the franchise proud.

It led me to thinking about what other properties could be reinvigorated with a few well placed crossovers. We’ve seen the Cybermen challenge the worlds of Star Trek: The Next Generation, crossing timelines and realities to expand their power, maybe we could see them arrive to see the Alien Nation (which never really succeeded as a comic but has a lot of potential). Or Earth Final Conflict maybe?

IDW seems to be spear-heading the crossover concept currently, even fitting a sneaky Legion Of Super-Heroes story in there. So let’s see more. How about Buffy The (Former) Vampire Slayer vs Predator? It would make sense, and Dark Horse wouldn’t even have to hire that many lawyers.

So come on, comic companies, give us fan-boys some sugar!

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