Check Out Microsoft’s Next Big Gaming Innovation


It’s called IllumiRoom, and it extends what’s happening on your TV screen to fill your entire room. It may not sound that revolutionary, but watch this video and you’ll see the potential.

IllumiRoom works by Kinect scanning your living room (or bedroom, or whatever room your Xbox is in) and then projecting imagery up on the walls, furniture, and other surfaces in your home. As you can see in the video, it’s a far more immersive experience, and its applications go beyond gaming to movies and TV as well. Microsoft Research claims that it’s a realtime demonstration, not in any way doctored or animated.

Although the video debuted at CES in Las Vegas today, Microsoft is planning to show the technology off more fully in April, which I can’t help noticing is a few months before E3. Could IllumiRoom be a feature of the next-generation Xbox that Microsoft is expected to unveil at this year’s E3? Hmm.

The video doesn’t do much to show what this presumed accessory looks like. Is it like one of those planetarium toys that your kid plugs in in their room and the stars and planets are projected on the ceiling?

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