Everything Changes

Honestly, Christmas is over. This is merely the first salvo of the war on the next Christmas!

Honestly, Christmas is over. This is merely the first salvo of the war on the next Christmas!

And in comics, ain’t that the truth! Then again, as years of fandom have taught us, plus ça change…..

Barely are we over the New Year, and our minds return once more three months ahead thanks to the advance solicitations, and the rumours of the large summer events.

Once interesting change is Jim Starlin, famed creator of Thanos and Adam Warlock, has been assigned the writing duties for DC’s Stormwatch title. I am interested to see where he will take this title, as although he is renowned for his sci-fi, he has not always been known for that little twist we have grown used to with these characters.

Truth be told, that element of surreality is more a legacy of The Authority than the distinguished history of Stormwatch as a title, but then in the New 52, Stormwatch has rather taken on both roles.

Maybe Starlin is planning a shake-up to stamp his own presence on the title, considering the tag-line is “Team StormWatch is lost in a dimension shift—so what team will rise and take their place?”

Though initially sceptical, (since I have not yet forgiven Mr Starlin for the Infinity War and the Infinity Crusade sequels to the Infinity Gauntlet, two stories that were built around an excellent premise but rather lost a little something in their execution; well, lost a large something in fact), I find with more thought that I am looking forward to see Mr Starlin raise to the challenge.

Zenescope, this summer, seem to be jumping on a whole new bandwagon that this writer is tempted to say is maybe five years or more too late. Then again, if executed in Zenescope’s traditional flair and panache, this could be excellent.

Over the last decade, we have seen them all – zombies, vampires, werewolves, (I will not say Oh my! I won’t. I won’t!). Now, alongside good old-fashioned demons, these things that go bump in the night are being introduced to the worlds of Grimm Fairy Tales in the pages of their next event – Unleashed!

From Teen Wolf to Twilight, Buffy The Vampire Slayer to the <insert noun here> Of The Living Dead, screens both large and small alongside comics have been resplendent with all manner of ghoulies and ghosties. A long and honourable tradition dating back to the earliest days of four-colour printing, we have seen shades of monster from Dark Horse, Avatar, Moonstone, Image as well as the Big Two.

Is it possible to create anything new in this genre that is unique?

Grimm Fairy Tales has managed to take an alternate approach to traditional fairy tales than Bill Willingham’s Fables and craft it into a universe of some beauty, one very much possessed of its own identity. To incorporate these more traditional monsters, runs the risk of diluting that special quality.

If you do like your monsters, remember that the Buffyverse is still going strong over at Dark Horse, and I can thoroughly recommend Hack/Slash, which is a title with more depth than its name suggests. For the more surreal monster, DC’s Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. takes some beating, and we get that treat again tomorrow.

I’m now going to just go and check under my bed. You can never be too careful….

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