When Iron Man Plays GTA IV

Iron Man GTA IV When Iron Man Plays GTA IV
Everyone remembers his (or her) first Grand Theft Auto experience, right? The franchise has been around for more than a decade, and while you might have your own preference, I think many will agree that GTA: Vice City is the best of the lot.

Then again, GTA IV didn’t do badly at all. With more than 25 million copies having been sold as of 2012, yeah, the game has not done badly.

Things just got better for GTA IV, with Iron Man joining the fray. Then again, depending on your perspective, anything gets better with some Iron Man in the mix.

Start your Monday right with Iron Man in GTA IV.

WARNING: Some scenes may not be suitable for children. Oh well, most scenes.

That’s all you can have of Iron Man in the world of GTA, sad to say, but if/when you get tired of watching the clip over and over again, you can always plays GTA: Vice City on the iPad.

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