New Warriors Made, er, New?

Nova v4 01 cvr

Today sees the release of of Nova, where Sam Alexander from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (not to be confused with the Ultimate/Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man comics but happily confused with the Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man comic based on the cartoon of the same name; nope, not confusing at all) makes his debut on the comics page.

There’s mixed feelings here. As good as it is to once more see a member of the Nova Corps soaring through the skies of Earth, the Nova we have seen on the cartoon is a brash, arrogant youngster with little appeal. Hmmph, much like the manner in which Richard Ryder was portrayed in his earlier appearances, although maybe not to the same degree.

Richard Ryder seemed to get a raw deal IMHO in his appearances after his original series The Man Called Nova. Richard was portrayed as turning more and more into a self-obsessed jerk, even after he had already proved to the world (and himself) what a hero he could be. This essential aspect of his character only truly had the chance to shine in his last series, (2007-2010), shortly before we lost him to the Cancerverse at the culmination to the Thanos Imperative.

Of course, if Thanos is returning (or has indeed returned, if Avengers Assemble is to be taken at face value, but my money is on that Thanos being one of the Thanosi duplicates, seeing as how that Thanos seemed one-dimensional and rather lacking in personality), then we can only hope that Richard Rider is not far behind.

After all, even Darkhawk has returned, another refugee from the New Warriors and the Thanos Imperative, trapped by Arcade in the Murder Island of Avengers Arena. Hopefully there we will see some of Chris Powell, as well as the murderous Raptor personality of the armour.

Sam Alexander is not the only character who has made the transition from cartoon to comic. Reptil from the Super-Hero Squad made it as a member of Avengers Academy, but then his character was more of a blank slate for the writers to work with.

Maybe I’m just suffering from the Dick Grayson versus Jason Todd syndrome, but I hope with the build up to the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, maybe we can finally see the original Nova once more.

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