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For many years glasses have been the go-to item to give an anime character more depth. Giving a character glasses usually makes them appear smarter, mature, or timid. If creating a mysterious character with a strong will and troubled past, it can be hard to create a fitting appearance. This is where the eye patch comes in; traditionally reserved for pirates and battle-hardened warriors, it has gained popularity as the go-to accessory for strong female characters. While not as widespread as glasses, the eye patch does have a following of anime fans that appreciate female characters that have them. To see just what an eye patch can do, here are 10 anime girls with eye patches.

Asuka Langley Souryuu (Rebuild of Evangelion)

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Asuka is the perfect character for an eye patch. She has a strong will, but that was developed through her troubled past and the suffering she has endured. Eye patches on female characters were rare in the 90’s, but the creators of the new Rebuild of Evangelion movies decided to update Asuka’s appearance to match the times.

Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai)

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Rikka claims to wear an eye patch to conceal her magical “wicked eye”. Although she doesn’t actually have a wicked eye or an injury, her eye patch still symbolizes her broken past and acts as a metaphorical barrier between her and coming to terms with reality.

Mei Misaki (Another)

mei misaki 470x300 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

What lies behind Mei’s eye patch is a mystery for part of Another, and it definitely helps her give off a scary vibe. Unlike with Rikka’s case, Mei’s eye patch does conceal something behind it. Without her eye patch Mei would not have been as good of a creeper as she was, showing just how well eye patches can be used to define a character.

Chihiro Shindou (ef – A Tale of Memories)

chihiro shindou 470x609 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

On the surface, Chihiro seems like a normal girl that lost an eye in an accident, but there is so much more to the pain and suffering she has endured. Her eye patch serves as a reminder that even though Chihiro looks normal, she is still greatly affected by what happened in the past. It also has the benefit of easily identifying her from her twin sister.

Minene Uryuu (Future Diary)

minene uryuu 470x614 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

Minene was one of the more popular characters in Future Diary. Having lost an eye to a battle, Minene seeks to gain revenge, but that soon develops into strength, allowing her to survive until the final days of the elimination game.

Mio Sakamoto (Strike Witches)

mio sakamoto 470x645 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

Mio’s eye patch defines her character in the traditional way, as that of a battle-hardened warrior. She is always taken seriously and trains many of the witches since she is an experienced veteran. Her eye patch gives her that rough exterior to match her disciplinarian personality when she is training new recruits.

Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos)

laura bodewig 470x958 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

Laura is another character whose eye patch helps define her as someone strong-willed and determined. She initially is obsessed with proving her strength and beating some of the other characters but soon softens up to them.

Sofia Valmer (Jormungand)

sofia valmer 470x627 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

Sofia is better known as Valmet and while she seems like a carefree person that’s a little crazy over her boss, she actually has a darker side. Ever since she lost her eye in battle she has been afraid to step into Africa. Her eye patch serves as a reminder of the brutality she has witnessed and the enemies that she has faced.

Arashi Nikaidou (Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne)

arashi nikaidou 470x293 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

Arashi is a natural leader and her eye patch helps her exude that image. She is the president of the student council and has immense power over seemingly everything. Arashi also seems to have a knack for discovering secrets while maintaining her own, adding a sense of mystery which is again promoted by her eye patch.

Shimei Ryomou (Ikkitousen)

shimei ryomou 470x331 10 Anime Eye Patch Girls

Like many of the characters mentioned above, Shimei has a very tough exterior and takes things very seriously, sometimes seeming not to possess any emotion. Her eye patch helps add to the mystery surrounding her past and her powers.

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