3 Awesome Gaming Stations To Drool Over


Every gamer has dreamed about an awesome rig for them to while their hours away. The best games are, after all, best played under the best conditions possible – and what better conditions than to have the best gaming station money can buy?

Gamin’ Station


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Developed by a group of hardcore gamers themselves over a period of three years, the Gamin’ Station is a customized arcade simulator for the hardcore home gamer. The entire thing is compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox, and PS2, and is guaranteed to provide an awesome gaming experience for gamers.



Image via Confirmations

What makes the Gamin’ Station really shine is its dedication to racing games – sure you get an amazing experience playing non-racing games on the Gamin’ Station as well, but switch to a racing game and you’ll definitely see the difference.


Battle-Rig Pro


Image via Slashgear

German workstation creators master-Rig cooked up the Battle-Rig Pro with gamers in mind, specifically. Comfy seating, ample storage, speaker integration for full surround sound and no wires to litter your man-cave – the Battle-Rig Pro is definitely a drool-worthy gaming station.


MWE Emperor 200


Image via Technabob

The crème de la crème of gaming stations the world over, the MWE Emperor 200 is actually being marketed as a “workstation”. Yeah right.

Three 24” HD LED touchscreens. LED lighting. THX surround sound. Motorized adjustments for the chair and screens. Air filtration. This is definitely the motherlode of gaming stations.


Image via Technabob

The MWE Emperor 200 comes in red or black as well – giving the entire thing a more badass feel.


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