Do You Use MEGA?


Kim Dot Com’s new file sharing hosting service MEGA already boasts more than 50 million files. Are you among its users? Or do you think what MEGA is doing is illegal?

Kim Dot Com became notorious when his website MegaUpload was targeted by the United States federal government, for fostering online piracy of digital content. One year to the day after the U.S. shut down MegaUpload, Kim Dot Come returned with MEGA. (You gotta at least give the guy props for being persistent.)

So is the new site a success? Sure looks like it, as the numbers below will attest. But the question remains: how long until the government finds a way to shut him down again? And will he bounce back once more when they do? Check out this infographic to see how it all breaks down.

Mega: Piracy or Privacy – An infographic by the team at Who Is Hosting

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