If the Elements in the Periodic Table Were Human…

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It’s been a while since we saw something Periodic Table-related, hasn’t it? Thanks to The Mary Sue, I have a treat for those of you who can’t get enough of the Periodic Table. (Yes, we know you have the Periodic Table shower curtain in the bathroom.)
Human Periodic Table
Kaycie D. is an artist who, during her years as a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art, came up with a project featuring each element of the Periodic Table in human form. Kaycie titled her project “Elements – Experiments in Character Design” and actually used it for her senior thesis. Not sure what mark she got, but I would have given her an A!

Prepare to spend quite some time going through the “Human Periodic Table” because there is a lot to observe. From the catchy character design to the description of the element, you don’t simply glance at the artwork. You might even catch yourself day dreaming about the good old days when you had to spend hours in Chem class!

Here are several of the elements from the “Human Periodic Table” which really caught my attention.

First up is Superman’s downfall. Or something like that.

Human Periodic Table

Then we have a bunch of very red-orange characters, which I think are pretty cool, not in the least because of the properties of the elements they represent.

Human Periodic Table
Human Periodic Table
Human Periodic Table
Human Periodic Table

And here is what might be the coolest of them all. In more ways than one.

Human Periodic Table

Don’t you just love how Kaycie humanized the elements? If I were a Chem student, I’d make sure to use this “Human Periodic Table” as my main reference.

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