Jormungand Perfect Order Review


“Her name is Koko she is loco, I said oh no” are the last lines of every episode of an anime called Jormungand. Those lines are probably the most accurate description of the main heroine, Koko. The series is split into two 12-episode seasons with the second called Jormungand: Perfect Order, which continues where the first season left off. The review for the first season can be found here.

At first, Perfect Order does not seem very different from the first season; Koko is still travelling around the world as an arms dealer with her elite bodyguards. Trouble always seems to find them on and off the battlefield so they need to stay alert at all times, even when having fun. One of my complaints after the first season was that some of the characters were given a detailed background while others only appeared at face value. Perfect Order delves into the pasts of the members of Koko’s team that did not get much limelight in the first season and uses that as a springboard to move into much darker territory. The characters are no longer just disposable soldiers, but people that have been deeply scarred by war and have their own reasons for fighting.

While the first season was focused mainly on Koko making deals with various fighters, Perfect Order starts to piece together a more elaborate story. After years on the battlefield, Koko and her team have grown tired of all the fighting and war taking place in the world. With the help of an old friend, Koko slowly reveals her plans to change the face of warfare and ultimately bring peace to the world. The way the series gives viewers hints every episode as to what exactly Koko is planning keeps the story compelling and it adds even more excitement to the numerous action scenes.

What the series does very well is build up the viewers’ empathy towards its characters. Not only does it help reveal how a character grows over time, it also brings out some emotion when something happens to them. Unlike many anime series which categorize their characters into common archetypes, Jormungand’s characters are all very human and easier to relate to.

If you enjoyed the first season of Jormungand, Perfect Order is sure to be an even bigger treat. It continues with all of Koko’s crazy antics and maintains the same level of action, but adds in a more human factor to really bring you into the story.

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