Super Mario Goes Punk

Retro gamer?

“Punk’s not dead!” your battle cry?

Brazilian artist Billy Butcher will make your day. Heck, he will give you something to smile about the entire week!

He calls his recent work “The Sid & Nancy Nintendo Lost Levels”, but the main thing ringing in my head after taking a look at his illustrations is this: Super Mario goes punk.

Can it get any better than that for the plumber?

Billy Butcher (I just have to type out his full name!) had the honor of being invited by Nintendo World, Nintendo’s official magazine in Brazil, to bring his “personal vision to one of the greatest company’s characters”. Naturally, he didn’t think twice about accepting the invitation. Not only is he an artist drawing inspiration from pop culture in general, he also considers himself a retro gamer.

The choice of Super Mario is easy to understand. But where does punk come into the picture?

Well, the better question might very well be, what can be more badass than punk? Billy Butcher explains:

“Instead of simply trying to make Mario look badass (like loads of pointless fan-arts across the web), I wanted to challenge myself, choosing the most improbable and badass real life characters I could think of, and make them impersonate Mario and his universe, yet keeping both visual sources totally recognizable in their concepts.”

There might be some other candidates for the badassery medal, but the Sex Pistols‘s bassist Sid Vicious and his partner Nancy Spungen fit the bill rather well, don’t you think?

So, without further ado, enjoy your routine routine Monday browsing with Super Mario goes punk…

Nevermind the Blocks 470x685 Super Mario Goes Punk

Nevermind the Blocks

She Aint No Human Being 470x677 Super Mario Goes Punk

She Ain’t No Human Being

1UP 470x470 Super Mario Goes Punk


Rockstar 470x470 Super Mario Goes Punk


You can even have something tangible from this project – you know, so you can say you got a t-shirt. All I know is that I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw people donning these costumes come Halloween.

Tee 470x470 Super Mario Goes Punk

The Sid & Nancy Nintendo Lost Levels Tee

See more here.

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