When Superheroes Go Noir

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Some people just like it dark, and if you’re that type, you’ll appreciate the work of Marko Manev, a mixed media artist, comic artist, writer, freelance graphic designer, and illustrator all rolled into one. He has drawn up a bunch of superhero posters, but they are not your usual colorful, eye-popping artwork.

Marko calls his recent work “Superhero Noir Posters”, with each one featuring a superhero in a scene that many fans would recognize. Anyone can slap a superhero (or two) onto a poster and share it with the whole world, but it does takes a special kind of something to make it dark and utterly beautiful. While I do love my poppy colors, Marko’s superhero noir posters make something stir deep inside me. Take a look for yourself, and you just might see what I mean.

Superhero Noir Posters
Superhero Noir Posters
Captain America
Superhero Noir Posters
Superhero Noir Posters
Iron Man
Superhero Noir Posters
Superhero Noir Posters
Superhero Noir Posters

While I have never been the biggest Batman fan in the world, I think that his poster is the most breathtaking of the lot. Iron Man and Thor come a close second.

You can all 10 superhero noir posters at Behance, and if you’re thinking of where to get them, I suggest following the artist’s profile there  or his Twitter account. He is selling some limited prints via a partner, but it’s not all consolidated on a page right now, so your best bet is to get in touch with him directly.

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