The Evolution of Star Trek

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Star Trek 45 Years
Infographics are so ubiquitous these days that you can easily say “There’s an infographic for that!” instead of “There’s an app for that!”, can’t you?

Sometimes, though, you get to see an infographic that totally gets your attention. You start out thinking it’s just another infographic that may be interesting to browse, and before you know it, you’ve been on the page for longer than your break. Of course, the double-checking and other distracting elements come into play as well. Not to mention sharing the thing with friends and engaging them on chat at the same time, debating the finer points of the infographic.

That’s exactly what I came across today: The Evolution of Star Trek.

From Gene Roddenberry’s experience as a World War II pilot to William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy first appearing on TV as the iconic “couple” – The Evolution of Star Trek is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Another aspect of The Evolution of Star Trek that I think gives it an edge is the fact that it integrates real-life information related to man’s achievements in space. I don’t know if kids still learn about Yuri Gagarin these days, but the likes of him and the Challenger are mentioned.

There’s no point in me nattering on about the graphic when you can go over it yourself. Enjoy the weekend!

(Note: For more Star Trek infographic goodness, check out The Only Star Trek Character Chart You’ll Need.)

The Evolution of Star Trek
The Evolution of Star Trek

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