This “Death Starry Night Print” – and More – Can Be Yours!

Death Starry Night

Death Starry Night

Death Starry Night Print by Belligerent Monkey

I think we’ve all seen and heard of the Van Gogh-Star Wars “collaboration”, resulting in one of the most recognisable print mashups in the geek world today: the Death Starry Night print. How would you like to have a Death Starry Night print, signed and all by the artist known by the name The Belligerent Monkey?

His name may give off aggressive signals, but he really is a nice guy. In his normal mode, The Belligerent Monkey is known as Jay Hornsby, and he is a “proud father/husband, professional geologist, statesman, and artist. An artist who creates low-brow and pop art pieces primarily with acrylic paints on canvas. Inspiration comes from comic books, tattoos, horror movies, science fiction, day of the dead, and pop culture. The Belligerent Monkey has been an Atlanta staple for over a decade.”

As attractive as Death Starry Night print is, there is more to the artist’s work than this print. For this giveaway, the winner can choose from these other prints.

Nerdy Robot Print

Nerdy Robot Print by the Belligerent Monkey

Superhero Comic Book Cover

Superhero Comic Book Cover Print by the Belligerent Monkey

Zombie Print Brains

Zombie Brains Print by the Belligerent Monkey

To learn more about the sizes and material for these prints, take a look at these links:

So again, the winner of this giveaway can choose ONE of the prints. But that’s not all! We’re also giving away TWO magnets from The Belligerent Monkey’s cache. Told you he’s a nice guy!

The magnets are not your ordinary thingies that you buy from souvenir shops. They all have a metal shell, Mylar protective covering, and a magnetic backing. They are also hand-pressed by the artist himself. So if you get chosen as one of the winners, you can pick out any design the store for a magnet.

To summarize, we’re giving away THREE things this week:

  1. ONE art print – choices given above
  2. TWO magnets – pick your design from The Belligerent Monkey’s store

IMPORTANT: We will be choosing winners at random and on a first come, first served basis. As such, when tweeting about the giveaway, please be specific about what you want to win (PRINT or MAGNET). Please read the instructions in the widget to modify your tweet. The randomly drawn tweet will be the basis of what you’ll receive. Also, the contest is limited to US residents, due to shipping concerns. Sorry guys in other countries. :(

The contest starts now and ends on Wednesday, February 27. We will be announcing the winners around 10/11 PM EST. Good luck and happy tweeting!


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