This Week on Instagram (February 4-8)

We spent some time on Instagram again this week, and it’s a good thing we did. We’re discovering more and more cool photos uploaded by the people on our feed.

First up, since it’s the month of love, we thought gamers would appreciate this. A little cheesy, but you get it!

Hearts 470x464 This Week on Instagram (February 4 8)

Gamer Hearts

From cheesy to “I can kill you with my bare hands.” I don’t know about you, but I think Kratos is the sexiest video game character ever.

Kratos 470x466 This Week on Instagram (February 4 8)


Darth Vader has never looked so good, don’t you think?

Lady Vader 470x472 This Week on Instagram (February 4 8)

Lady Vader

This photo, I uploaded myself. Last week, I went to the countryside, and I just had to stop when I saw this shop along the national highway. Weird is the only word I could think of as I stood there taking photos.

Superheroes 470x469 This Week on Instagram (February 4 8)


Lest you AFOLs think I’ve forgotten…

Wolverine LEGO 470x469 This Week on Instagram (February 4 8)

Wolverine LEGO

Of course, we can’t leave out The Walking Dead! How excited are you?

Walking Dead 470x471 This Week on Instagram (February 4 8)

Walking Dead


In case you want to see more, the Instagram feeds we stalked this week are:

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