Classy Anime Watches

Are you an office worker that likes anime? Or perhaps an anime fan that likes to go to gatherings of the social elite? Are you embarrassed about wearing your brightly-coloured K-ON watch? While a lot of anime watches are nice to wear to show off your pride as a fan, sometimes those timepieces look more like toys. Just because most of them look like toys doesn’t mean that all of them are though. There are options out there for people who like a little class with their timepieces while still discreetly showing off their pride as an anime fan. Below are five examples of classy anime watches that could easily fit in with their non-anime counterparts.

Ed’s Pocket Watch from Fullmetal Alchemist


Fans of the Fullmetal Alchemist series will quickly recognize this replica State Alchemist pocket watch. It is a fully functioning watch with the Amestrian Dragon engraved on the cover. On the inside is the inscription “Don’t forget 3.Oct.11”. The watch is 5 cm in diameter and comes with a 30 cm chain. It is made out of brass and painted silver. This watch was manufactured by COSPA and retails for 9450 JPY (~100 USD).

Fate/Zero Wristwatch


Those looking for an inconspicuous watch may want to consider getting this Fate/Zero wristwatch. No such watch appears in the series, but it contains various references to Fate/Zero. The face of the watch contains the label “The 4th Holy Grail War” and uses Emiya Kiritsugu’s seal as the 12-o-clock marker. The back side also contains an engraving of Saber. The watch was manufactured by Movic and retails for 18900 JPY (~200 USD).

Cynthia’s Pocket Watch from Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro na -Moonlight Cradle-


While not as elaborate as Ed’s watch, fans of Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro na may enjoy having Cynthia’s pocket watch. It features a wing-like design on the cover and Cynthia’s name inscribed on the inside. The watch is made out of metal alloy with a gold plating. Broccoli manufactures this watch and it retails for 7619 JPY (~80 USD).

Gundam Wristwatch


Gundam fans may be interested in this Earth Federation Space Force wristwatch. Based on a Citizen watch, it combines analog and digital for those that can’t decide which they prefer. It can keep track of the time in 30 different cities and also has a daylight savings time switching function. It is produced by Rhythm Clock and retails for 32000 JPY (~330 USD).

Naruto Wristwatch


Anyone looking for an anime watch that would be more recognizable might want to go for this one. Released by Imperial Enterprise for the 10th anniversary of the Naruto series, it features the different ninja village symbols for the different hour positions and has the nine-tailed fox engraved onto the back. This watch retails for 24500 JPY (~255 USD).

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