Half-Life Live Action Web Series – The Freeman Chronicles

The Freeman Chronicles

Do you remember the good old days of staying up all night – and through the next day – playing Half-life with your friends? I was fortunate enough to have a cousin who owned a computer shop, so weekend nights were spent at theirs, with the entire clan playing Half-life to our hearts’ content. If you feel something tugging at your heartstrings at the mere thought of playing Half-life, then you might want to give a helping hand to Indiegogo project “Half-Life Live Action Web Series – The Freeman Chronicles”.

The Freeman Chronicles

The Freeman Chronicles

Indiegogo is a contemporary of Kickstarter, where people rely on crowdfunding to get their projects off the ground. Sure, there are some projects which may be pure fluff, but I assure you, the “Half-Life Live Action Web Series – The Freeman Chronicles” is not that. The goal is to produce “The Freeman Chronicles”, a 6-episode web series all about the game that has a special place in your hearts.

The brains behind the project are Chariotdrive and Infectious Designer, who have made a name for themselves by creating numerous fan-made films based on Half-life. You can rest assured that the resulting series will not disappoint.

In order to make their idea reality, though, they need $75,000. That’s not a small sum, and they only have raised a little over $7,000 so far, with 17 days left. Are you going to let this chance pass you by?

Head over to “The Freeman Chronicles” Indiegogo page and lend your support. Whether you give money or you spread the word, every little bit will help. Go!

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