How Much Will a TARDIS Cost You?


We’ve all wanted a TARDIS at one point or another, or if you’re like me, the wanting is a constant thing. As that image says, that’s all a girl wants, really. Together with the Doctor, of course!

While a real working police box cum time machine may not be a possibility at this point in time, it is always free to dream and speculate just how much you would need if you were to have a TARDIS built. After all, if you can’t have that guy calling you at 3 am with a time machine outside your window, why not dream of having one built for yourself instead? Make things happen. Seize the day. All that jazz.

So these guys at Movoto have taken it upon themselves to do something fun – they’re in real estate, they do need to find the lighter side, don’t they? – and created an infographic all about that wonderful blue box called the TARDIS.

We all know that figuring out the TARDIS is no mean feat, even an impossibility perhaps. What we do know is that it is bigger on the inside than the outside. We also know that all TARDIS models come with a “chameleon circuit”, allowing them to blend with the environment they are in.

Additionally, from the outside, the default TARDIS look actually matches London police boxes in the 1960s. That means it measures in at 10 ft x 4.42 ft. That’s the easy part.

How big is it on the inside?

Your guess is as good as mine, but the Movoto guys decided to use another iconic structure to compare the TARDIS with: the Empire State Building.

Bearing these things in mind, plus some other details we know from the show, and doing some number crunching, an estimated TARDIS cost has actually been generated. Do you really want to know?


TARDIS Infographic

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