New ‘BioShock Infinite’ Trailer Zeroes In on Booker DeWitt


Who is this indebted gun-for-hire Booker DeWitt, the protagonist you play as in BioShock Infinite? Who does he owe a debt to? How did he wind up in this situation?

The latest trailer for BioShock Infinite (yes, another one) peels back the layers of Booker DeWitt, explaining that he was once a U.S. Cavalry veteran but now works as a kind of bounty hunter. If you’ve been following along, you already know that Booker is sent to Columbia — the game’s city-in-the-sky setting — to find and escape with the mysterious, powerful Elizabeth, who’s been held prisoner in Columbia her entire life for unknown reasons.

Of course, nothing is simple in the world of BioShock, so when Booker arrives there, he finds the place in upheaval, with the forces of “Prophet Father” Comstock fending off the advances of revolutionaries. Columbia is a dangerous place, but as you’ll see in the trailer, Booker soon finds “Vigors,” the plasmids of BioShock Infinite, bottled liquids Booker can drink to gain supernatural abilities. He’s also got some nifty gadgets and weapons, including the Sky Hook, which can be used for a lot more than riding those roller-coaster-ish Sky Lines.

By the way, don’t watch this trailer, which is entitled “False Shepherd,” unless you’re up for a little blood and gore.

Can we start handing out the Game of the Year awards before the game is released? Is that possible? ‘Cause I think we should just get on with it.

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