Star Wars and UP Mashup

Mashups are always fun, especially with the right characters and an awesome artist. And when it comes to mashups, Star Wars always seem to find its way into the picture.

Now take a look at the work of artist James Hance, who decided to make a Star Wars and UP mashup. It’s not exactly the first combination that will come to mind, but could you think of better players? UP is one of those movies that feature characters who do not fail to tug at one’s heartstrings. No matter how old you may be, Ellie and Carl just find their way into your emotions – even if you try to deny it. As for Star Wars, as far as some people are concerned, there is nothing more to be said.

Here’s Hance’s take on two (or four?) of the most endearing fictional characters today.

Han Leia Star Wars and UP Mashup

Han & Leia

And here’s how he came up with the final piece of art.
Star Wars and UP Star Wars and UP Mashup

Star Wars and UP mashup in the making

You can find these images on Hance’s Tumblr account, and if you want prints, you can visit his web site. You’ll also find lots of other “buy-worthy” pieces – mashups and all – from the site.


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