Taking The Cape Down From The Peg

Ghost #3

Long known as the home of comics that do not tend to involve skin-tight outfits and capes, Dark Horse has announced at ECCC that they are going to dangle their toes in the water again.

Alongside the seemingly entirely new re-interpretation of Ghost and the pulp-like Black Beetle (wasn’t he a DC villain that we never got to learn anything about at all?) that have been gracing the shelves in recent months, we are going to be treated to a whole new X; a revamped Forties’ character Captain Midnight arriving in the modern world in a storyline that sounds suspiciously like elements of Dynamite’s Project Super-Powers (still, if it ain’t broke……); and curiously, according to an image Dark Horse released on Facebook, another of the Comics’ Greatest World stable – Titan.

Maybe my dream of seeing the Man From The Vortex again is not just idle day-dreaming.

To relaunch Titan as a stand alone would be brave, we’ve had our fair share of Superman analogues recently; what with Supreme, the now-concluded tale of the Plutonian in Irredeemable and the many versions in DC itself, one imagines the market has seen nearly every story that could be told of men with unimaginable power.

In fact, I would even posit that Titan is the Plutonian’s thematic ancestor. If you ever get the chance, read Comic’s Greatest World’s twelve-issue series ‘Will To Power’, and you could almost say that we are watching the Plutonian’s fall from grace.

What drew my interest however was under Titan’s name was the word ‘Catalyst’. Catalyst, the Agents of Change was one of the original CGW titles, and to the mind of this writer, the strongest. Though the cast seemed at first a little formulaic for a super-team, their strong personalities soon came to the fore and each had their own agenda if they were not swept up in those of their colleagues. Agendas that were soon raised to a national level, and it was a shame that the series met its cancellation so very early.

If Dark Horse choose to pursue this original theme in Catalyst, and therefore Titan, this could be a complete treat.

But let’s just hope that Dark Horse do not make the same mistake as last time, of pushing a shared universe. Even if it is a shared universe, so what? Everything carrying the same banner when it is not Marvel or DC can be intimdating to a reader. Let each title and successive spin off stand on their own two feet.

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