Win Walking Dead Mugs for Your Morning Cup of Coffee

Walking Dead Stacking Mugs

…Or tea. Whichever gets you going in the morning.

Zombies are probably the last thing you want to deal with the first thing in the morning, but their presence will surely wake you up like nothing else. But while we are waiting for the zombiecalypse to come, these Walking Dead mugs will have to do.

Walking Dead Mugs

Walking Dead Stacking Mugs

That set of Walking Dead mugs don’t only look good (blood spatters not withstanding), but they are also stackable, making them perfect even if you already have too much stuff in your kitchen. They’re the creation of brilliant artist Tami, who sells her work via her Etsy shop abirdinthehand. Tami is a self-confessed geek and says that she grew up on Star Trek and Harry Potter. She currently lives in LA with her Batman-obsessed husband and breakfast-obsessed cat. She’s also “trying to be an actor” and is quite active in the sketch comedy world.

She’s also generous, judging by her offer to give away one set of the Walking Dead stacking mugs you see above. More than that, she’s also giving away THREE of the individual Walking Dead mugs below.

Walking Dead Mugs

Fight the Dead Mug

With the current Walking Dead season well under way, I’m sure you’re in a constant state of anticipation after each week’s episode. While  these mugs won’t do you any good with regard to finding out what’s next, they certainly are some of the coolest mugs I’ve seen in a while. And that’s a person who can’t stand blood speaking.

Here’s what you need to do to get a chance to win one of these “WANT!” prizes. Click on the widget below and follow the instructions to earn entries. You’ll have till Wednesday, March 20, to earn as many entries as possible. We’ll announce the winners at around 11PM EST that day. Since there are four items at stake, we will be giving them away at random to the winners.

Bearing shipping costs in mind, please note that you need to be in the US to win.

Good luck!

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  1. Subject Zero says

    Michonne (Danai Gurira) is my favorite character, love her kill skills with the KATANA and that “mysterious” aura/vibe she radiates.

  2. Daniela Gomez says

    I love The Walking Dead Comics and the TV show has a life of its own too and I love it! I want these mugs!

  3. lindsay says

    I love walking dead!!! Glenn is my favorite. Because he isn’t afraid to be scared and isn’t afraid to take charge.

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