Angela Heralds Infinity As Age Of Ultron Closes

Age of Ultron 010-026 Galactus Small

Angela Heralds Infinity As Age Of Ultron Closes

So now we have seen the big reveal that was unfortunately leaked, and despite the excitement we may have all felt at seeing that image, we know little more now than we did once the news was released. Angela is now in the Marvel universe as a prelude to the timestream having broken as Age of Ultron concludes.

I’m not a fan of leaks in the context of comics, especially when the leak itself is all that the story offers. What was far more interesting was the revelation of the mainstream Galactus arriving on the Ultimate Comics Earth. Then again, we have seen the Ultimate Earth on the verge of destruction before, and it’s still kicking.

As we build towards the biggest comics convention of the year, the San Diego Comic Con, the announcements are coming thick and fast. One has to wonder just who plans what is announced when, as with the recent reveals getting larger throughout summer, what could possibly be left in the DC/Marvel arms race?

DC has announced two new titles, one of which seems like a Silver Age dream. Superman / Wonder Woman, scheduled for release in October, promises an epic storyline fit for the two larger than life icons of the DCnU while delving into the nature of their fledgling relationship. This could be either really bad or really cool; I do not imagine that there is any allowance for half measures here. With the beautiful pencils of Tony Daniels, up and coming writer Charlie Soule promises to do the greater justice to the two icons, in a title that seems like it could only be an imaginary story.

I hope it does not suffer for that.

On a similar vein, Justice League 3000 seems like some corny spin-off from Batman Beyond or Justice League Unlimited (ah, the memories), but to learn that its release coincides with the cancellation of the Legion Of Super-Heroes ongoing sends this fan into a fatal dive. Despite the return of Paul Levitz to the Legion, our favourite teenage army has failed to reach the dizzy heights it once occupied in the DC mythos. I think we can finally see that messing with the timeline back in Crisis On Infinite Earths really was the death knell that all of us faithful Legionnaires feared at the time. After two reboots, the return of the (almost) original Legion lacked a certain gravitas, and the recent Legion Lost just seemed, well, like the characters had been transferred into the early days of the Wildstorm universe, giving the readers a sensation akin to badly clashing colours.

So, for what may nearly be the final time, let us recite together…..

Long Live The Legion.

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