A Touching SDCC Tribute To Jim Kelly


Flying and such have preventing me from posting the mountains of footage (and opinion) I have gained from the San Diego Comic, but to whet your appetite, here is a time sensitive video from the Con regarding a very special event this weekend in Los Angeles, where the Lion Man has given up his SDCC stall in memorial to martial arts master Jim Kelly.


  1. db says


    You lived your life.
    I lived my life.
    Like two ships we passed somewhere in time.
    You touched my life,
    Enriched my life.
    And, for one brief moment we shared paradise.
    Know that … someone loves you here.

    You went your way.
    I went mine.
    But we shared special moments that stayed.
    So many stayed.
    I hope that you know and knew
    Know that … someone loves you here.

    No words can ever say.
    No thought can ever imagine
    Just how much you’ve meant, and mean, to me.
    Thank you for the memories, the warmth, the passion.
    Thank you for so many things you never thought would matter.
    Thank you for the lessons learned,
    And, all the good you have done.
    I’m so thankful that you were born.

    When I’m feeling sad.
    When I’m feeling blue.
    I’ll just close my eyes and think of you.
    With love, peace, and, happiness,
    I’ll remember you.
    Know that … someone loves you here.

    You, my experience, you transcended time.
    You transcend all of time.
    Know that … someone here loves you.
    Someone will always love you.
    Know that … someone loves you here.

    © 2009

  2. Valerie Joiner says

    Grand Master Jim Kelly! Thanks for all of the positive memories from the motion picture/films industry – back in the day! Black Belt Jones is one of my favorites!
    And, oh my! Grand Master Jim Kelly put a basic wearing on the Afro too!

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