Short Films Vol. 1


Introducing a new, weekly ForeverGeek feature: the best in short films! In our first batch, we’ve got five feature-quality shorts that span the likes of eye-popping scifi and awesome animation.

1. Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star

Our Short Film Pick of the Week is this terrific fan-film based on the Fallout video game franchise. It premiered on YouTube’s Machinima Prime channel, and it’s got actual, bona fide, quality actors in it, along with good VFX, some nice makeup effects, and decent writing. Just beware of a few moments of extreme violence.

2. We Only Attack Ourselves

Jonathan Irwin crafted this moody, affecting video with exquisite effects work about a robot who’s a lot more than he appears.

3. Backbone

A woman in a post-apocalyptic wasteland finds herself in terrible danger.

4. Solaria

The last man on a decommissioned space station makes a last, desperate bid to save the life of a comatose test patient he’s obsessed with. The acting’s a little weak on this one, but it’s worth getting to the end for a smart twist that really works.

5. KippiK

Hedgehog meets chestnut in this playful animated short.

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