Movies Giveaway: 2GUNS and The World’s End

movies giveaway

When was the last time you went to the movies? If you’ve been yearning to go but can’t bring yourself to spend – what with so many things to spend on these days! – we’ve got something for you. Scratch that  – we have a bunch of things for you.

First up, we’re giving away swag for the movie 2GUNS.

movies giveaway


The movie came out last week, so you still have the chance to see it. For this part of the giveaway, we’re choosing THREE lucky ForeverGeek readers. Up for grabs:

One (1) winner will receive:

·         $25 Visa Gift Card to see the film

·         T-Shirt

·         Hat

Two (2) additional winners will receive:

·         T-Shirt

·         Hat
Not sure you want to see it? Here’s the trailer and links where you can find out more about the movie.

2 GUNS on the web – #2GUNS

·         Visit the official website

·         Like 2 GUNS on Facebook

·         Watch the trailer on YouTube

·         Follow 2 GUNS on Google+

But wait, there’s more!

We’re also giving away goodies for The World’s End, with no less than Simon Pegg! This one’s not coming out till end August, so you have time to clear your schedule.

movies giveaway


For this part of the giveaway, no tickets, sorry, but some cool swag.

movies giveaway


Three (3) winners will receive:

·         T-Shirt & Pint Glass
To get you excited about The World’s End – and getting your hand on these goodies – here is more info about the movie.


Visit the official website

Like The World’s End on Facebook

Watch the trailer & clips on YouTube

Follow the Cornetto Trilogy on Tumblr

Join this week’s movies giveaway

You know we like to make it easy for you, so again, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below and send in your entries. We’re running the giveaway till Thursday, August 8, and we will announce the EIGHT winners on Friday, August 9. Please note that the prizes will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the announcement. Please note, only those in the US can participate this time.

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  1. Kyle Nolan says

    These days I tend to just wait for the Blu-ray due to inconsiderate theater-goers, but saw The Lone Ranger b/c had free ticket from buying the Oz: Great and Powerful BD

  2. David K. says

    Saturday, I went to see Top Cat, The Movie at a new theater that just opened. That movie brought back a lot of childhood memories.

  3. Michael T says

    The last movie I saw in the theatre was Star Trek: Into Darkness, but only because I had free tickets. It’s so expensive to see a movie at the theatre nowadays, I usually just wait for the Blu-ray release.
    Also, I don’t have to deal with the general public if I watch the movie at home.

  4. Sarah Grace says

    Its been a long time since I been to theater. So much better to just stay home, throw my feet up and watch a movie, its cheaper and I can light up and pour myself a drink whenever I feel like it. If I had a IMAX close to me, that be a place I visit more often.

  5. Jacob Battaia says

    Last time was Pacific Rim. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I even went to Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton, CO for the first time ever, with a buddy who’d also never been, and we were treated like kings!!!!!! Can’t wait to see another movie there!

  6. Tony G. says

    I went to the movies just a few days ago. I saw The Conjuring – one awesome flick! Probably the best scary movie I’ve seen in years.

  7. Mayara Q. says

    I love going to the movies, but because it’s so expensive I only go once in a while. The last movie I saw was Pacific Rim and I loved it.

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