The Most Powerful Comic Book Gems

Most powerful comic book gems

Most powerful comic book gems We all like shiny things, to one degree or another. It seems that comic book creators are not exempt from this affinity toward things that give of a nice sheen, no matter what the color is. Of course, when it comes to comics, gems mean more than bling. They actually serve specific purposes and reek of power. I am no comic book geek, but comic book gems are not totally unknown to me, so when I was made aware of this infographic detailing the most powerful comic book gems, I thought you guys would want to see it for yourself. The guys at Brilliance are behind this infographic, and they highlight comic book gems such as Star Sapphires, Yazdi Gem, Scrying Gem, and Blood Gem. From gems powered by love (who said comic books are free from cheese?) to gems that serve as vessels for souls – these comic book gems certainly exude power that anyone would crave.

comic-book-gems-infograph Gems Of Power: Most Powerful Comic Book Gems – An infographic by

Comic book geeks, I leave you with this question: Do you agree that these are the most powerful comic book gems in existence? Or do you think that there are some missing things in the infographic? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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